Tour Schedule


Mar 1st-3rd Chicago, Illinois

Mar 4-7th New York, New York

April 4-7th San Fransisco, CA

April 10-13 Las Vegas, Nevada

April 15-17th San Diego, CA


I enjoy travel completely. I’m a history buff so i really enjoy going to places I’ve never been and milling around old ruins with a tour booklet under my nose. I also enjoy fine dining, being spontaneous, and shopping. Karaoke, Renaissance Fairs and many other things. I’m always up for something new and exciting whether it be a quiet evening in front of the fire or a trip out to a museum.


Can’t travel to me? Let me bring a little sexiness to you with an exclusive travel engagement just for you.

Perhaps, you travel for business? Let me add a little excitement to that boring business trip by adding me to your travel itinerary as your gorgeous travel companion!

Maybe you are considering a much needed vacation escape? Let’s plan that trip together, and let me help you unwind, and let loose…I can certainly make that vacation much more memorable!

I love to travel! I am available for travel to you or with you anywhere in the United States, or we can put my passport to use with international travel as well!

Contact me with your travel ideas, and let’s make them exciting and sexy!

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