Thank you for your interest in spending time with me. Here’s the donation I request for my time, companionship, and entertainment. These rates are non-negotiable.

Local Incall/Outcall
Time Incall OutCall
1 Hour Meet & Greet $800 $1000
2 Hour Intimate Rendezvouz $1600 $1800
4 Hour Fantasy $3100 $3400
Overnight Extravaganza $5300 $5800

I am available for immediate travel* only in the US for now, if you wish to fly me outside of the country, please give me advance notice of a month+ with a date + deposit to hold the date. Out of country dates require a deposit 50% and a minimum of two hour booking, no tentative dates. Any and all travel expenses must be included in addition to hourly rate.

Out of State /Country
1 Hour  – $1300
Multiple Hours – $100 p/h
8 Hour Package – $5000
12 Hour Package – $8000

*Want me to bring a smoking hot girl friend or a sexy guy with me? I know lots of beautiful women in the adult industry and would love to give you the opportunity to meet your favorites!

Long Term Arrangements:

I aspire to own an energy efficient car, I’d like to go to Grad school for my Masters degree and have other major business ventures and dreams I would like to accomplish.

$2500/week for guaranteed two, four-hour dates. More for more dates or extended amount of quality time.

A long-term arrangement is perfect if you are a gentleman who…

  • Is local and knows he has periodic need for a fantasy escape.  Let me by your secret fantasy escape.
  • Travels often and would like to have a fantasy companion who can travel with you and keep you company on your trips on a regular basis.
  • Travels to where I am regularly and is tired of always hunting for companionship every time you are in town.  I could be that exciting fantasy that is always waiting for your arrival.
  • Is a gentleman that wants something more exclusive or full-time.  You could have me all to yourself and maybe even exclusively by your side for an extended length of time (weeks, months or even years)

The expected allowance is customized based on a few criteria:

  • The amount of time you anticipate that we would spend together on a regular basis.
  • The amount of pre-planning or advance warning you are able to provide me for our rendezvous’
  • The level of chemistry that we mutually share.
  • The perks that are included in the arrangement (shopping, dining, activities, accommodations, travel and other details) that can offset the allowance.

There are 2 types of long-term arrangements:

  • Part-Time Arrangement: A part-time arrangement is perfect for the busy gentleman that needs occasional companion on his schedule.  It is perfect for regular or occasional romantic rendezvous at your convenience.  A part-time arrangement is perfect for the gentleman that needs an occasional companion to escape with, or accompany them on a night out, have a romantic dinner, or even be that predictable and reliable date to business functions.
  • Full-time Arrangement: A full-time arrangement is perfect for the gentleman that wants me all to himself either completely exclusive and/or by his side for extended periods of time. Just imagine having the perfect companion by your side anytime you desire. Imagine the fantasies you could live out. Perhaps exotic vacations or romantic rendezvous, could this be us? Let’s explore this together!

An arrangement means that you are always a priority and I am available for your secret escape or as your fantasy girlfriend that is always ready to be by your side as often as you desire.

An arrangement is supposed to be mutually beneficial and fun.  Have an idea for a mutually beneficial arrangement?  Be sure to contact me, so we can explore those possibilities.

Screening: Please see Contact page for Screening


Should you need to cancel or reschedule, I maintain a strict cancellation policy with 24 hours minimum notice required, longer for weekend, extended sessions, and travel sessions. If not adhered to, you will be charged 100% of session time booked and will not be invited back until the session is paid.

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